Production & R&D

An Industry based on Scientific Research

The aim of Link is to produce herbal products based on its own strict protocols that conform to the WHO Guidelines on the assessment of herbal medicines (WHO/TRM/91.4)

No company in a small developing country such as Sri Lanka could afford to produce such a range of products in conformity with modern standards of safety and quality, without access to state of the art knowledge of the relevant science and technology. Link is fortunate not only to possess within its ranks considerable knowledge and expertise, but also to have access to reliable internationally recognised personnel for consultation, both in Sri Lanka as well as abroad.

Access to such consultants and thereby worldwide expertise, has enabled Link's R&D team to develop their own expertise to a praiseworthy extent. It is a single factor, that more than facilitates the acceptance of their products, with confidence by potential buyers, globally.

The recognition of the products of Link Natural as being of very dependable quality, and conforming to international standards, is a result of several contributing factors, and among them are the following:

The use of Raw materials which are authentic and of the highest quality.

Application of standardized protocols and good practices for processing.

Total quality management and strict quality control of final products

High quality packaging.

The procurement of authentic raw material of acceptable quality standards in the quantities needed for industrial-scale processing is a crucial issue in the country, where much of the raw material has to be procured from outside. Link Natural has initiated several mechanisms for outsourcing the agricultural propagation to farmers, equipping them with relevant knowledge and training to maintain good agricultural practices. At the same time the company provides the farmers with authentic seedlings propagated by Research Establishments, and the Universities, and opportunities for interaction with extension service staff. Link Natural also provides opportunities for outgrowers in many parts of the island, with such appropriate knowledge and expertise coupled with a buy-back guarantee for their produce.